Annual membership fee

The annual membership fee is currently $40.00 and runs from June to May the following year. If you renew in June - September then you will also get a book of raffle tickets that you can keep or sell to offset part of your membership cost.

Receive our newsletter

We send out a newsletter by email with information about workshops, current events happening within SCACA, and items of interest to our members. 

Workshop cost

As a member you will only pay $5.00 for workshops, and if you bring a guest your workshop is **free** for that class. 

Members Boutique

As a SCACA member you can enter your hand made items in our Members Boutique at the Quilt Rug and Craft Fair in September. There is no entry cost there is only 15% deducted from what you sold. AND you dont have to be in attendance all weekend but you can volunteer some time !  

Learn new crafts

We have 6 new workshops a year and try not to duplicate what we have already presented before. Its a great way to learn something new or get a refresher on something you haven't done for a while. 

Meet new friends

What a great way to meet new friends with the same interests as you!